We gathered a few frequently asked questions from employers. Here they are:

What is the optimal pilot period?
Six weeks. It’s enough time to show meaningful results.
How can Hello Heart save my company money?
Our ROI is 430%. This is based solely on savings from people who lower their blood pressure into the normal range. Actual ROI is higher when factoring in employees we prevented from deteriorating to cardiovascular disease (cost = $10,000/year). Fewer medications, greater productivity and fewer emergency visits save your company money.
Who are you working with?
We have over 80,000 patients on the platform. We were chosen as one of the most promising new companies by the NBGH innovation board, and this recognition drew a lot of attention. We already have ongoing programs running with companies ranging from small, self-insured 600-employee companies to large Fortune 500 companies.
Do you help other conditions?
Our main focus is high blood pressure and heart health. We offer simple explanations, drug adherence tools, stress management insights and lab result analysis on your phone. Activity and sugar-level tracking are coming soon! These tools are also beneficial to our users who have hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and stress management issues. Please note we are not a replacement for your physician, and you should always consult with your doctor when making medical decisions.
Are you HIPAA compliant?
Yes, we are very careful to follow all HIPAA regulations. We have consulted with our legal team to ensure our execution and processes are HIPAA compliant. If needed, our attorney can provide a letter to that effect next week. Note that, per the US Department of Health and Human Services, there is no official HIPAA certification.

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