A new approach that empowers users to self-manage heart risk through easy to use mobile tracking tools and access to data.

Patent-pending mobile technology developed by a team of psychologists, doctors, and computer scientists.

Blood pressure
and weight tracking technology.

Bluetooth monitor that connects to employees’ phone.


Medication adherence tools.

Auto-Imported lab results from clinics.

Personalized explanations of employees’ condition

Personalized digital coaching that drives behavior change.

Gamification makes it fun

Live Support in English and Spanish.

Tailored digital and onsite enrollment

People love using Hello Heart. Our enrollment rates are 20-50% of the population.

“Using Hello Heart, I saw the positive effect exercise had on my blood pressure and waistline. I reduced my blood pressure to the normal range and lost 35 pounds.”
– Jeff Chrest, Hello Heart user
“Hello Heart completely 
changed my life.”
– James Metcalf, Hello Heart user
“I finally understand what’s going on with my blood pressure on a 
day-to-day basis now.”
– Dani Clarine Rhodes, Hello Heart user
Hello Heart's application for controlling blood pressure is a promising new tool.
– CEO NBGH, CFO magazine "New Cures for Health Costs"

Hello Heart is a clinically-based mobile solution for heart health.



Potential savings per participant per year.



Users getting great results, rated 5 stars.


0 months

We price for results. Get a positive ROI in less than 1 year.

Awarded one of the best solutions by the NBGH innovation board

Best Physician-Recommended Digital Health Products

Advanced Analytics.
Customizable Dashboard. Clear ROI.

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